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online counselling.

from my home to your home

Your story holds the keys to restore hope, confidence and resilience.

Together we will listen to the stories you tell about challenges and dilemmas.  We will piece together new parts of the story to discover something new about your life.

These conversations can bring clarity and relief, and sometimes surprise us to what new things are possible.

Through online counselling, you can relax in your most comfortable space for our conversations.

Narrative Therapy

The problem is never 100% successful

No matter what has been happening in a person’s life and what response a person makes to difficulty, I believe each person holds values that are precious to him or her. 

Narrative approaches listen for what is precious, who has inspired such ways of living, and how these values can support future changes.

The person is not the problem

I believe that the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.

For example; if anger is a problem in a relationship, there may be some expressions (such as yelling or hitting) and some effects (such as sleep trouble) that people in the relationship don't want in their lives. 

Narrative Therapy can give us ways to discover what is preferable and find ways to support change.

Confidentiality & informed consent

What you choose to confide to me is regarded as a story that you want to share in a counselling conversation, but don’t want to be told to others. Online Counselling sessions are done over video - from the privacy of your own home.

If you disclose a safety concern (for yourself or those in relation to you) further support will be sought, i.e.: confidentiality will be extended to include more professionals who can take care of whomever requires more support.


Fees range from $80 upwards (including GST) according to family income.  

(This cost will include time spent in referring to literature, phone calls, letters to you about the work we have done, notes).

*I am available Thurs & Friday mornings from 8-1pm

Hey, it's nice to meet you! I'm Alicia

Get to know me a little, before we start counselling or consultation conversations:

  • I live in Taupo, and have done so for 14 years.
  • Most of my counselling is done online, on Thursday and Friday mornings.
  • I am married to my husband Zephanious, we have a son, and together we make up a Dutch-Samoan family.
  • I am involved in Advance Church where I lead the music alongside my husband.
  • I have been counselling for 7 years and enjoy working with people through unique conversations.
  • I specialise in conversations around anxiety, relationships, body image, stress, spirituality, women, family relationships, grief and loss, work, stress, eating, confidence and more!
  • I also offer a consultation service where you may like an ongoing conversation to reflect on your job, study or a particular goal you have.  These conversations can happen monthly or at whatever interval you choose.
Alicia Seiuli Counselling | New Zealand counsellor

Counselling via video

I am here to support you by video call from my home (in Taupo, New Zealand), to your home or location of choice.

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Phone: 027 211 6455

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